Bamboo flooring Inner West

Bamboo flooring in Inner West is gaining a lot in popularity and is used in residences and commercial establishments across the region. Bamboo is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a natural material apart from wood. It has a high fibre-rating in comparison to hardwood & this makes it a very durable material.

The Distinct Benefits

Dluxhom Pty Ltd has been consistently providing very high-quality bamboo flooring to customers across Inner West & handles all the installation work with the highest-levels of expertise. There are numerous benefits to bamboo flooring like:

  • Environmentally-friendly and renewable resource
  • Does not contain urea formaldehydes
  • High tensile strength
  • Harder, stronger & stable in comparison to timber floors
  • Can withstand weather changes
  • Naturally light & dark color options
  • Easy installation & no sanding necessary
  • Bamboo is very fast-growing, & has a high productivity/hectare compared to other kinds of timbers – this makes it highly-sustainable

Expert Installation

When we handle bamboo flooring installation for you, the best materials and technology is used.  All the bamboo is pre-finished with 7 layers that provide high-durability in satin/gloss/ commercial finishes. All these finishes are perfectly sealed during the manufacturing process. The resultant flooring is smooth and very fine and you will love to have it in your home or office in Inner West.

Speak with the Experts

We use the latest installation techniques and all our personnel are skilled and professional with handling the work. We can take up jobs of every scale and handle commercial and residential jobs with equal levels of efficiency and expertise. If you need Bamboo flooring in Inner West, just call Dluxhom Pty Ltd and tell us what your requirement is. You can also send us your queries via this form