How to buy bamboo flooring?

Compared to traditional wooden flooring, we know now, bamboo flooring is used more and more due to its Eco friendly and wood-appearance features. We use bamboo products in our houses, we are protecting our forest, get the wood-like surface and save some money.

We know bamboo flooring is good. The problem now is how can we choose the bamboo floor correctly to fit our flooring needs.

First question we have to ask ourselves is what is the sub floor we currently have, wooden or concrete slab. If it is wooden or particle boards sub floor, you can use any types of bamboo floor you like. If it is concrete slab, you’d better choose bamboo strand woven click lock floating floor. Because if you want to use Tongue & Groove type floor, which need to be nailed down by secret nails, you have to spend extra money laying a wooden sub floor or batten first before you install the bamboo T & G floor.

Personally, I like to use the bamboo strand woven floating floor, no matter whether the sub floor is wooden or concrete. Strand woven bamboo is the hardest bamboo, even harder than most hardwood floor. Because it is floating, no matter what problem happens in the future, it is easy to fix and replace. And most important of all, it costs much less than traditional hardwood floor.


Steven X. Chen

Business relocation – bigger warehouse for floor boards

When a family gets growing, like a newborn baby coming, people usually need to get a new house with more rooms. A business is the same. Thanks to the clients’ support during the past few years, our business has been developing to a new stage. The old place is nice, but felt smaller and smaller. More room is needed. We moved to a new place with double size of storage.

It took the last whole mother. We moved everything, tons of stocks, to the new warehouse. At the same time we have to operate the business as usual, check emails, make phone calls, schedule staff, and check inventories… we squeezed as much time as possible to do the major task of the month – moving. We hired a truck, a forklift, and I asked another two guys who usually just do the job on site to be back in warehouse and help us. So the truck and two forklifts can work together. Upload, shipping, download; upload, shipping download… one by one, very efficient.

Here are two pictures of the new warehouse. Just warehouse. The office and showroom are still in a big mess, of course.