AC Rating on Laminate Flooring

When we are dealing with cliets, we are often asked how durable is the laminate flooring. Here is a widely-accepted standard, AC rating to denote the durability level of laminate flooring. The rating of the floor boards are decided by considering the laminate’s resistance to brasion, impact, stains and cigarette burns. According to the product’s durability, the rating can leveled from AC1- AC5

AC1: House, One Person, Residential, Moderate traffic: Suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms;

AC2: Residential, General Traffic: Suitable for living rooms or dining rooms

AC3: Residential, Heavy Traffic: Suitable for all areas

AC3: Commercial, Moderate Traffic: Hotel rooms, small office

AC4: Commercial, General Traffic: Office, boutique, café

AC5: Commercial, Heavy Traffic: Public buildings, department stores

Usually our products are just AC3, because the course surface texture of AC4 and AC5 is too rough for bare feet, which will make users very uncomfortable.