Cupping floorboards

It is really an unpleasant experience when you beautiful floor boards get cupping or crowning. Cupping is a specific type of warping when a panel becomes “U” shaped across the face, which is mostly caused by a moisture variance or imbalance through the thickness of the board. “It is an obvious sign of a moisture problem in either the substrate ie the concrete slab to which the floor is fixed, or a damp sub-floor area. It can also occur where the floor has been flooded with water and the top surface of the board dries out or absorbs less water than the lower portion of the board. … Another common scenario is where boards are heavily exposed to sunlight (eg a sun room)  compounded with restricted airflow to the bottom surface.” Repairs should not be made before identifying the source of moisture, which might be

  • Leaks: building, plumbing, overflows, dishwasher or refrigeration…
  • Rain through an open window or spillage
  • No curtain or blinds protect board from too much sunlight
  • Poor drainage
  • Wet or damp basements
  • Sub floors with excessive moisture
  • Bad ventilation

Sanding and polish should be taken after the source of moisture is resolved and the floor stabilized. For floating floor boards, they usually can be replaced easily by new boards if you have spares available.cupped floor

8mm laminate flooring on sale!!

After moving to the bigger warehouse, there is still a lot of space we can use. The new shipment of 8mm laminate floor arrived this week and will be in warehouse by next Tuesday.

In order to keep our stock rolling faster, we’d like to offer a very special price for 8mm laminate. Retail for $15 inc GST per SQM, while  supply and install for $35.99 inc GST per SQM.

And also, from now on, we will give you standard underlay for free if you buy our floor boards.

We are still organizing everything in the new warehouse and showroom. When we get ready, more special prices are coming.


Awards Night – Floor Covering Association of New South Wales

Due to the busy work, it has been two weeks I did not catch a time to post a new blog since the last one. I feel a little guilty and take this as my duty to post a blog at least once every other week. So I decide I must post one before I go to bed. It sounds like a school assignment.

Not much to say today. Just recalled I have attended an awards night for graduating apprentices on 22nd Jun 2011. I was invited by the Floor Covering Association of NSW as honoured guest at the presentation of awards for the 2010 year. Here are some photoes I’d like to share with you.

Business relocation – bigger warehouse for floor boards

When a family gets growing, like a newborn baby coming, people usually need to get a new house with more rooms. A business is the same. Thanks to the clients’ support during the past few years, our business has been developing to a new stage. The old place is nice, but felt smaller and smaller. More room is needed. We moved to a new place with double size of storage.

It took the last whole mother. We moved everything, tons of stocks, to the new warehouse. At the same time we have to operate the business as usual, check emails, make phone calls, schedule staff, and check inventories… we squeezed as much time as possible to do the major task of the month – moving. We hired a truck, a forklift, and I asked another two guys who usually just do the job on site to be back in warehouse and help us. So the truck and two forklifts can work together. Upload, shipping, download; upload, shipping download… one by one, very efficient.

Here are two pictures of the new warehouse. Just warehouse. The office and showroom are still in a big mess, of course.