Discount Flooring

Buy Discount Bamboo & Laminated Flooring Products

Frequently we will offer some discount prices on some selected products, especially on bamboo flooring.

The reasons why we are willing to and able to sell bamboo flooring at discount prices:

  • Bamboo flooring is an environmental product. The more we use bamboo flooring, the more we can save our forests.
  • It takes only 3-5 years for bamboo to reach maturity while it needs decades for hardwood trees. As a result, the material costs for bamboo flooring is much less than the hardwood flooring.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring is tested harder and more stable than Oak.
  • Bamboo strand woven click floating floor is much easier to install than traditional wooden flooring.
  • We import bamboo floorboards directly from bamboo mills which make us capable of offering discount price on bamboo flooring.
  • We also offer supply and install discount combo price.
  • Bamboo Horizontal Carbonized Tongue and Groove. Supply and Install from $ 60 per SQM
  • Laminate 8mm Modern Design, Supply and install from $34.99 per SQM
  • Laminate 12mm Semi Gloss, Supply and install from $42 per SQM

Clearance Special!

12mm laminate: 806 x 127 x 12mm: $15 per Sqm supply only

*Terms and conditions apply.