Timber Flooring Sydney

  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Packing 1.9 – 2sqm/ctn ; 8 – 10 pcs/ctn
  • Price: From $63 per square metre*
  • Certification ISO9001 ,ISO14001
  • Supply and Install in Greater Sydney Area;
  • Supply Floorboards Nationwide; Freight will be charged; Free Pick Up
  • Special Combo Price: Floor+Installation+Underlay+Beading, Fr 86/sm*
  • Free Quote available.

Timber Flooring in Sydney is essentially engineered flooring and may also be called timber floating floors.  A number of homes and commercial establishments make use of this flooring and it is a very popular material across Australia.  This is made of 2/more layers of wood that are in the form of a plank.  The upper layer is made of wood which you can see when the flooring is installed.

It is attached to the substrate that lends it stability. The veneer is made of real wood which is infused with liquid acrylic and hardened with the use of a special process. Dluxhom Pty Ltd has been providing residential and commercial customers across Sydney with the highest quality timber flooring in Sydney for a number of years.  Since this timber flooring has multiple layers, it has a number of benefits such as:

  • Tough and durable
  • Ideal for high-traffic spaces like retail & hospitality
  • No swelling or shrinking
  • Highly stable
  • Interesting finishes
  • Easy installation as it’s a floating floor
  • Possible to fit over under-floor heating

Hard-Working Material

We ensure that you get the best products and perfect installation and our products are widely used across Australia.  Since most of our timber flooring is pre-finished, it also reduces the installation time and there are no surprises on the site.  The material is highly scratch-resistant and is also impervious to staining.

This makes it an excellent material for homes that have children or even commercial areas like cafes, bars and restaurants where there is a possibility of food or drink being spilled.  If you are looking for the best timber flooring in Sydney, contact Dluxhom Pty Ltd on (02) 9604 6688 or via this form .

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Contact us for details.