Topdeck Price List

Original File

Dynacore 2201-22082200*196*12.3mm2.15638.6162.8127
Stair Nosin/Bull Nose to Match 2201-22082400*115*24mm035.75025
STORM 5mm LUXURY VINYL PLANK 5501-55081220x180x5.0mm2.19642.967.130
Prime 12.3mm LUXURY EDITION LAMINATE 11XX; $22-$22280x192x12.3mm2.188827.551.720
8pcs/box Stair Nosin/Bull Nose to Match 1101-1125 25/pc2400*115*24mm35.7525
Prime contemporary 12.3mm 9901 - 99051215x166x12.3mm1.6135221.94546.14515
Prime contemporary 12.3mm 9906 - 99091215x166x12.3mm1.6135223.40847.60816
8pcs/box Stair Nosin/Bull Nose to Match 9901-9909 2400*115*24mm 35.7525
Prime Classic 12.3mm 66xx1215x143x12.3mm1.737521.94546.14515
8.3mm LUXURY EDITION WAXED EDGE LAMINATE 8821-88251215x196x8.3mm1.9051218.740.712
8.3mm Prime TRADITIONAL WAXED EDGE LAMINATE 8801-88181215x194x8.3mm1.8856817.639.611
ENDURANCE BAMBOO 5G click- Natural, Honey, Coffee, Frest Red, Rich Brown1830*190*14/32.086260.0684.2642
ENDURANCE BAMBOO Coffee/Natural (Gloss & Semi Gloss) 1850*135*14 1.550.675.938
ENDURANCE BAMBOO Mahogany (Gloss) Lunar White | Honey | Forest Red | Rich Brown (Semi)1850*135*14 1.551.77739
ENDURANCE BAMBOO French Bleed | Embossed Forest Red | Embossed Rich Brown (Semi)1850*135*14 1.552.878.140
ENDURANCE BAMBOO Vintage Coffee (Matt Finish) 1850*125*141.387556.181.442
ENDURANCE BAMBOO Vintage Walnut (Matt Finish) 1850*135*141.556.181.442
ENDURANCE BAMBOO Stair Nosing / Bull Nosing 1850*130*14 35.7525
WOODLAND EURO OAK Veroni Collection1900*185*15/42.10974.8102.358
Stair Nosing for WOODLAND EURO OAK1900*130*15/471.550
WOODLAND FLOATING Kempas 1 Strip 1820*122*14/31.7763263.889.150
WOODLAND FLOATING Pacific Spotted Gum/Pacific Blackbutt AB Grade1820*122*14/31.776326691.352
WOODLAND FLOATING Walnut 1 Strip (with Click) 1860*148*14/32.2022468.293.554
WOODLAND FLOATING 5G Click Tasi Oak,1820-2100*118*14/3n/a80.3105.663
WOODLAND FLOATING 5G Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Grey Iron Bark, Sydney Blue Gum, Jarrah1820-2100*136*14/3n/a80.3105.663
WOODLAND FLOATING 5G Blackbutt , Spotted Gum1820-2100*180*14/3n/a83.6108.966
PRE- FINISHED TIMBER Kempas (Gloss, Stain Red Dark) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220070.496.854
PRE- FINISHED TIMBER Kempas (Gloss, Natural)PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220072.69956
PRE- FINISHED TIMBER Kerangi Stain Red GlossPRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220074.8101.258
PRE- FINISHED TIMBER Pacific Spotted Gum,Pacific Blackbutt (Semi Gloss, AB Grade) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220080.3106.763
PRE- FINISHED TIMBER Kerangi (Gloss) – King Teak, Merbau (Gloss) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220088114.470
Tas Oak (Semi Gloss, Standard & Better)PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220090.2116.672
Sydney Blue Gum ( Semi-Gloss) (Standard & Better) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220090.2116.672
Spotted Gum (Semi-Gloss)(Standard & Better) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220090.2116.672
Black Butt (Semi-Gloss)(Standard & Better) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220090.2116.672
River Red Gum (Semi-Gloss) (Standard & BetterPRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220090.2116.672
Grey Iron Bark (Semi-Gloss) (Standard & Better) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220093.5119.975
Jarrah (Semi-Gloss) (Standard & Better) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220099125.480
Cumaru (Gloss) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-220099125.480
Jatoba (Gloss) PRE- FINISHED TIMBERLength:1600-2200101.2127.682
FINGER JOIN SOLID TIMBER Kempas - 3 Strip1820*168*171.528861.68846
FINGER JOIN SOLID TIMBER Kempas - 2 Strip1820*140*171.27463.890.248
Timber Beading 2000/2500*18*82.1451.5
MDF Scotia 2400*19*191.51
TB Timber Batten 2000*65*18 Lm 2.02.862
P12 Plywood 12 mm 1220*2440*12 PC 3251.735
P15 Plywood 15 mm 1220*2440*15 PC 3757.240
P18 Plywood 18 mm 1220*2440*18 PC 4262.745
Other Accessories, please check original Topdeck price list.