Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo floors Strand woven Uniclic®

Bamboo Flooring Sydney & Bamboo Floor Installation

Due to the attractive wooden finish and eco-friendly features, bamboo floors are getting more and more popular.

As to the hardness of the floors, bamboo flooring Sydney can be divided into two profiles, normal bamboo floor and strand woven bamboo floor. Normal bamboo floors have the similar hardness as oak, while stand woven bamboo floors can be 50% harder.

Strand woven bamboo floors come with tongue-&-groove system or click-lock system. For the click-lock system, we can install bamboo floors in the same way as floating floors, which is easy, quick and economical.

Normal bamboo floors consist of vertical natural bamboo floor, horizontal natural bamboo floor, vertical carbonized bamboo floor and horizontal carbonized bamboo floor. All normal bamboo floors are tongue and groove, which should be nailed or glued down to sub floor in the same way as traditional timber floors.

There are many ways to install bamboo floors. We can use the traditional way for hardwood flooring to glue or nail down bamboo floors. We also can use the bamboo stand woven click-lock system to install bamboo flooring as a floating floor, which is easy, quick, and economical. But due to the toughness of the material, only bamboo strand woven floors are strong enough to be used to make bamboo floating floors.