Bamboo Floor Installation

Compared to timber floors, Bamboo floor is a new product in flooring industry. Thanks to the today’s new technology, we can install bamboo floor in many ways. We can install it in the traditional ways of hardwood flooring to glue or nail down bamboo floors. We also can use the bamboo stand woven click-lock system to install bamboo flooring as a sort of floating floor, which is easy, quick, and economical. But due to the toughness of the material, only bamboo strand woven is strong enough to be used to produce bamboo floating floor.

Install Bamboo Floor by click-lock system as floating floor.

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In this installation method, we can install the bamboo floor on concrete slab or wooden sub floor directly, as long as the sub floor is plane enough. We have to lay the moisture barrier and underlay before we install the bamboo floor. The bamboo floorboards are basically locked each other by the click-lock system, which does not need any nail or glue to fix the boards to the sub floor. Leave gaps between the wall and the boards of course.Install Bamboo Floor by Nail down with Glue.
Usually we use Tongue and Groove bamboo floorboards in this installation method. Before installation, check the planeness and smoothness of the sub floor, and moisture content. Clean and repair sub floor if necessary. If the sub floor is concrete slab, we need to install plywood or batten first before laying the bamboo floor. Check the bamboo floorboards and cut them to right sizes. Lay the first three lines with secrete nail and glue together. After they get dry, we can lay the rest by using the special secrete nail gun. Remember to leave 8mm-15mm gaps depending on the actual condition between the wall and bamboo floorboards. The gaps can be covered by skirting or beading later.

Install Bamboo Floor by Glue down directly.
If the sub floor is concrete slab and we don’t want to level the sub floor higher or to expend extra money on the plywood or batten, we can glue down the bamboo floorboards directly to the concrete slab. Do the same preparation described above. Install the bamboo floor in the same way above. Instead of using secrete nail, we have to use pure glue here.

Like the traditional timber hardwood floor, you can restore your bamboo floor by sanding and polish in future.