Floor Profiles – start choosing your floor

When you are considering laying gleaming timber floors in your house or apartment, the first thing you will need to decide is the system of flooring you need to lay. The table below might help you with making decision on choosing right floors for your rooms.

Flooring System Products Advantages Weakness Price Apartment?

Floating floors

Laminate floor Durable; easy to take care Cant be sanded in future Cheaper

 With required underlay.

Engineered floating floors Real timber veneer; natural products Hardness varies for different woods; Have to use more carefully Varies for different woods
Bamboo Stand wovenClick System Very hard; Green products Less colors to choose from. Not cheap; but more affordable than hardwood


Strip floors Laid directly on battens or plywood. Strong and preferred installation Cant be done on concrete.Usually not allowed to be used in apartment Varies No.Maybe ok for groundfloor.
Bamboo Relatively cheaper
Gluedown floors Some timbers Can be laid directly on concrete Cost more on glue, labor, cleaning glue after installation Varies Ok with special underlay.
Bamboo Relatively cheaper
Parquetry Laid on different patterns Expensive on material and labor Expensive No.

Maybe ok for groundfloor.

Simply guide, Good luck!