How can we tell the quality of timber floors

When we choose the timber for flooring, the first thing we have to ask is whether the one we are going to use is of good quality. Usually we use the Janka rating as a measure of the wood’s hardness. The higher the number, the harder the wood. Below is the list of the Janka rating for various woods.

Species Name Janka Rating
Alpine ash 4.9
Australian Beech 8
Blackbutt 8.9
Brush Box 9.1
Ironbark 14
Jarrah 8.5
Spotted Gum 10.1
Sydney Blue Gum 8.1
Tallowwood 8.6
Tasmanian Oak 4.5-8.0
Bamboo 7-8
Bamboo Strandwoven 14-15


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