The Installation of Your New Timber Floor Require Your Cooperative
Please read through the following points carefully, and then sign and return to us:
We will not proceed with your installation until we are sure that you understand your responsibilities.

  1. Please check the quantity of your materials is correct at delivery.
  2. Installation of flooring on new concrete (less than 5 years), a vapour barrier is essential (i.e. builder plastic which can be purchased at any hardware store), unless arranged by you we are happy to supply this at additional cost. Most of underlays come with moisture barrier.
  3. 8-15 mm gap will be left when installation. The gap can be disguised by adding beading after installation. Usually the cost is included in supply and install price.
  4. Doors may be required to be removed prior to installation. Dluxhom will undercut the doors jambs and re-hang the doors at additional cost; otherwise the client may arrange this prior to installation.
  5. all care is taken to ensure that will be no damage to the walls and ceilings etc., but due to the nature of the product (i.e. small work areas, long strips of timer) we can not be held responsibility should minor nicks etc. occur whilst installing the floor.
  6. Color dissatisfaction is not the fault of the installers, Timber floors are not graded by color.
  7. With all secret nailed floors there will be on or two boards that are top nailed. These are known as starters boards and it is impossible to secret nail these.
  8. For the raw timber: The delivery and storage of the timber is your responsibility, therefore please ensure that the timer remains dry and secure.
  9. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate under floor ventilation in a timber floor structure (keep the floor moisture level content between 8-12%). It is recommended that you have an inspection and rectification, in necessary prior to installation. Inadequate ventilation can affect the moisture content of the timber.
  10. Once your floor is laid, it is responsibility of the owner to keep the floor dry. Excess water spilling or vapors on hard wood flooring will react on the floor and cupping and gaping can occur.
  11. A strong wind or breeze will also dehydrate the floor.
  12. Large glass windows that allow the sun to beat through onto the floor will also give a reaction. Usually the flooring will shrink due to loss of moisture. We recommend that blinds or awnings are used to protect your floor. During construction, we recommend newspaper be stuck to windows etc.
  13. Leveling of slabs and existing floors, joists, batons etc. have not been allowed for in this quote, if requested, Dluxhom will be happy to provide this service at an additional cost. We are not responsible if we are instructed to lay a floor and this issue has not been addressed by the client.
  14. Timber comes in different grades which vary and will be supplied in random or a set length. if this is an issue, please contact your supplier.
  15. Stairs and ramps are not included in a flooring quote; however this can be negotiated beforehand should you require this.
  16. If the old timber floor is to be removed ready for a new floor or restoration work is being carried out, and the joists or bearers are rotted or damaged, then any repairs required will be an additional cost.
  17. There will be an extra charge for such things as curves in floor, dire place surroundings, flooring cut at angles, decorative strips etc.
  18. It is your responsibility to remove all the furniture in the room.
  19. We will not be held responsibility for delays caused by weather, other trades etc., and will inform you of the rescheduled date.
  20. It is the clients* responsibility to find and clearly mark the location of all service (i.e. water, electrical and gas) to the property, particularly where these are laid in or under the concrete slab and to determine if these services will take no responsibility for damage to any service or subsequent damage to any property.
  21. Please provide electrical power. If there is not power available there will be an extra charge for a generator.
  22. We do remove all rubbish, but we do not clean the dusty floor or working area.
  23. A working toilet should be provided.
  24. There will be an additional charge for difficulty of access, including steep driveways and steps between storage area and the installation area.
  25. There is no allowance for fix out i.e. beading, skirting, architrave, doors, windows etc., unless specified in written quotation.
  26. There is no allowance for expansion joints, silicon joints and cork joints in the floor unless specified in the written quotation.
  27. It is the owners’ responsibility to remove furniture, ovens, fridges, dishwashers, rubbish debris etc. This will ensure a clear working area is provided to install the floor. Under no circumstance will we move furniture. We might help, but we are not responsible for any damages to the furniture.
  28. Unless specified in the written quotation, the contract does not include the removal of existing skirting, beading, flooring, tiles etc.
  29. If we are required to remove skirting, architraves etc. to install the timber floor and damage or breakage occurs, then repairs and/or replacement will be at the clients own cost.
  30. Cleaning of the floor boards is an extra $45+GST per man per hour.
  31. The contract states the term of payment. Please read carefully.
  32. Due to the nature of hardwood it may stain if exposed to moisture or water. We try to avoid this; however, no responsibility will be taken if staining occurs.
  33. 1% of late payment fee per day will be charged if the out standing balance is not cleared as scheduled in the contract.
  34. Should you have any enquiries regarding any of the above, we will be happy to explain it further.



  1. Payment: the owner etc. must pay the Contractor price as shown in the payment schedule. The work will be complete when it is finished in accordance with the contract, free from apparent defects and surplus material is removed from site.
  2. Time for Completion: the work will be completed in the time shown in the contract. The contractor will be entitled to a reasonable extension of time in the event of delays to the work beyond the control of the contractors.
  3. Variations: Variations may only be made by agreement between the contractor and Owner, the cost of the variation will be added or deducted from the contract price.
  4. Ending contract: If the contractor goes into liquidation, fails to complete the work in the agreed time, fails to remedy defective work or replace faulty materials, the Owner may serve a written notice asking that the fault be remedied within 10 working days. If the default is not remedied or is not capable of being remedied, the Owner may terminate the contract by written notice.
  5. If the owner fails to pay a progress payment due under the contract or denies access to the site, the contractor may serve a notice requiring the owner to remedy the default within 10 working days and may suspend work immediately. If the default is not remedied within 10 working days, the contractor may terminate the contract by written notice.
  6. Freight cost will be charged from clients located in places which are more than 50km from us; The cost will be recharged for additional works, delivery or repairs (including repairs under warranty).
  7. The attached conditions form part of this contractors pages.



The contractor warrants that:

  1. The work will performed in a proper and workmanlike manner in accordance with plans and specification.
  2. All materials supplied by the contractor will be good and suitable or the purpose for which they are used and, unless otherwise stated in the contract. Those materials will be new.
  3. The work will be one in accordance with, and will comply with Home Building Act or any other law;
  4. The work will be done with due diligence and within the specified time stipulated in the contract, or if no time is stipulated, within a reasonable time.
  5. If the work consists of making of alterations or additions to a dwelling or the repairing, renovation, decoration or protective treatment of a dwelling, the work will result, to the extent of the work conducted, in a dwelling that is reasonable fit for occupation as a dwelling;
  6. The work and any other materials used in doing the work will be reasonable fit for the specific purpose or result, if the owner expressly makes known to the contractor, the particular purpose for which the work is required or the result that the owner desires the work to achieve, so as to show that the owner relies on the contractors skills and judgments.